spread H.E.A.L.I.N.G kits are monthly activity kits that invite imaginative and educational exploration.  These kits will be given to families in the West End to help create and sustain artistic, peaceful spaces in and around their own homes.

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West Louisville Women’s Collaborative – spread H.E.A.L.I.N.G. kit descriptions:

FebruaryTelestrations is a simple fun family game in which players are prompted to sketch a word listed on a card, then guess what the other players have drawn. Each player writes their guess on the card and passes it on until the drawing returns to the original player. No drawing skills required – stick figures & sense of humor welcome!

Includes 72 cards (over 800 words to sketch and guess), 6 Erasable Color Coiled Sketch Books, 6 Dry Erase Markers, 3 Clean up cloths, and 1 Die.  The game is produced by USAopoly.  4-6 players, recommended for age 8 and above.  One game per family.

March – With the Kiss Naturals DIY Glycerine Soap Making Kit, simply melt a cube of clear soap, add color and an all-natural fragrance, then pour the mixture into any one of the 4 reusable silicone soap molds. Let cool for twenty minutes and voila! Make 16 hand soaps in the comfort of your own home.

Includes SLS-free glycerin soap, silicone mold, natural fragrances, three color bars (magenta, gold or blue), measuring cup, wooden spoon, Instruction manual.  All ingredients are safe and all-natural. No parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic dyes, no petrochemicals! Recommended for ages 6 and up.  One kit per family.

April – The Diamond Kite  is easy to make, decorate, and fly. The Diamond kite is made of plastic and fiberglass spars.  You can decorate it and add more tails or different colors for even more fun!

Includes kite materials and illustrated instructions.

Measures: 24″ H x 24″ W, Wind Range: 5 to 15 mph

Recommended for ages 6 and up. One KITE per family member.

May – The Paint and Plant Garden Kit lets you paint the planter and plant markers, and sow the ***basil, oregano and Arugula herbs*** – with vibrant colors and tasty flavors. Follow along with the included step-by-step instructions.

Includes tin planter (12 * 4.5 * 4 inches), plastic liner, soil, 3 seed packets, 6-color paint strip, 2 paint brushes, paint palette, 3 wooden plant markers, shovel, watering bottle, and instruction booklet.  Recommended for ages 6 and up.  One kit per family.

June – The Musical Instruments Kit brings authentic drum energy and the rhythm of Africa to life with these miniature d’jembe drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal.  Make a joyful noise with wicker rattles from Mali.  Each wicker rattle is hand-made and painted in different colors.

Includes 5 instruments:  small wooden drum (about 8” tall) and

two each of 5” hand-made wicker rattles and hand held spin drum.  All ages.

One set of 5 instruments per family.

July – The Coloring World Map gives families a peek at the wonders of the world next time you travel to the dinner table. Tablecloth is illustrated with hand-drawn countries, landmarks, and animals from around the globe. While coloring, you can discover all about the places and icons on the tablecloth.

Includes 50”L x 33”W, 100% cotton tablecloth, set of 10 wash-out fabric markers.      Colored ink comes out completely in warm machine wash!  All ages.  One kit per family.