Robin Bray

Robin’s Story

Girl Power!  I guess we are not as strong as men muscular wise, but emotionally and intellectually we are stronger than them most of the time.  We come out here and do labor intensive stuff on this lot.  A lot of women don’t dig in the dirt.  But, I like that we do.  It has a relaxing kind of connection to nature that I think everybody shares.  It is very definitely therapeutic…even more therapeutic when you do it as a group.  There is no way I’d do it by myself. But when you are picking and talking and picking and talking…that’s how we made it through the hard work of slavery – by working together.

I’m proud that WLWC is still here after 5 years and of the outreach we have done in the community.  If we had a measurement of all the people in the community we have touched, it would be amazing.  We would be amazed.  Because when you touch one person, you are touching their spirit…it may affect 10-20 more people you don’t even know.  Our location on the corner is amazing, so many people see us here.

WLWC is hope, inspiration and the meaning of being human.

Robin’s Bio

Robin Bray has lived in Louisville for thirty-three years. Her developing years were in Parkland Neighborhood in West Louisville and presently lives in Crestwood where she has been for twenty years. She is the owner of Bray Property Management LLC, and Bray Electric Services INC. She was previously a Real Estate Agent with Semonin Realtors. She has served on Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville Board for two terms, including a role as Chairperson, and is presently on the Site Selection Committee.