Ramona Dallum Lindsey

Ramona’s Story

I returned to Louisville in 2012 unemployed and caught in a deadly cycle of survival. My soul, spirit, and dreams were succumbing to eeking out a living. My art practice resurrected my purpose and passion.  The creative process reignited my power. Art became my soul’s tonic, but it wasn’t always easy to swallow. People weren’t eagerly accepting my invitations to creatively ignite the power of their voices. They couldn’t see the life force residing in unencumbered creativity.  I doubted art’s effectiveness to transform forgotten people and spaces. Just when I was about to give up, two women entered my life – Robin Bray and Chenoweth Allen. Both were complete strangers to each other and simple acquaintances to me. Individually they asked me to guide a process of transforming a city owned vacant lot into an artistic space for healing, peace, and growth. From their divinely inspired request WLWC was born.

Five years later, these strangers are now my sisters.  Our numbers have grown, but our purpose remains the same – to express love for Louisville’s West End by creatively reclaiming her forgotten spaces. I served as WLWC’s president for four years. We sowed seeds. Under the courageous leadership of her current president, Mariel Gardner, WLWC’s seeds sprouted. WLWC’s saplings are inspiring other people to collaboratively love Louisville’s forgotten spaces.

Ramona’s Bio

Ramona Dallum Lindsey represents, inspires, and nourishes the human spirit with eco-friendly mixed media textile art. Her art breaks the rules. She free-styles with layers of fabric and 3-dimensional forms. Recycled and store bought textiles are free-hand cut and arranged until something unexpected breaks through. The layers are held together with machine and hand stitching. Paints and found objects are added to most pieces. Ramona’s contemporary textile wall art and soft sculpture is uncommon, unexpected, and earth friendly. She is currently experimenting with the use of eco-friendly materials in the creation of public art installations. She combines her artistic talent with 12 years experience as an elementary teacher to help people become storytellers and activists through visual arts.

Ramona is a 2013 recipient of the Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment Grant. Her work was featured in Actors Theater of Louisville (Kentucky) African American Art Exhibition (2013) and Churchill Downs Mansion during the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Her past Illinois exhibits include: Gallery D’estee, Fermilab Art Gallery, Chicago Botanic Garden, and Gallery Guichard. During Summer 2012, her work was presented at several juried art shows including Fountain Square Art Festival (Evanston, IL), “Inspired By… Celebrating Illinois Women Artists and Artisans”, Woman Made Gallery (Chicago, IL), and The St. James Court Art Show – 1st Place Best of Show Fourth St. Section (Louisville, KY). Some of her projects include Center for Neighborhoods P.A.I.N.T. Project: Parkland Rising; We Too Are Chicago Exhibit (Human Threads Gallery in partnership with Rainbow PUSH Coalition); Fiber Artists for Hope’s American Spring: A Cause for Justice Traveling Quilt Exhibit; The Fallen: A Tribute to Chicago’s Slain Youth; The Stop the Violence Traveling Quilts Exhibit; and Peace Percolators Exhibit. She also lectured on textile art for social action during the Fine Art of Fiber 2012 (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL).