Elizabeth Foley


WLWC is pulling me out of my shell.  It’s actually giving me an opportunity to be more creative in community.  In doing Hadley Creatives, I met Ramona Lindsey and she told me about the Peace Labyrinth. I had just moved to Louisville and I was interested in circles and their symbolism in my own art, so I was intrigued.

And then I met Chenoweth at Art for Goodwill and everything started coming together with WLWC for me.  I went to Open Studio.  It was really beautiful to be with other people and share.  I was doing my own art and everyone was doing her own art as well, and it felt peaceful and supportive.  It was really interesting for me to walk in and feel like I was in the minority.  And it felt really good too.  I felt like I was a part of something because I was a woman, and not because of my race or socio-economic status or age.

When I moved to Louisville I kept hearing about the “Ninth Street Divide” and now that I see it and how it impacts people, I really want it to be gone.  Being new, I can choose where to go and form my own friendships and not be impacted by that Ninth Street Divide.  I want the whole city to be for everyone. I want to be a part of Louisville, and I want it to be one community…being part of Louisville doesn’t need to be east side/west side.

I so enjoy the creativity of the West Louisville Women’s Collaborative.  I feel compelled to be part of WLWC.  Even though I’m not sure 100% where I fit in, it just feels like a really positive supportive group that’s gonna do good!