Anne McArthur

Anne’s Story

Interestingly enough, I did not get involved with WLWC doing art.  I got involved using my nerdy numbers skills to help with the initial 501c3 application, preparing tax forms and helping the financials evolve as the organization has evolved.

I’m an artist on the side – as a hobby and as my own form of therapy.  So I got involved with WLWC through my professional strengths, and then more involved through my artistic side.  I like that I have balanced out my nerdy side with creativity.

I’m Chenoweth’s side-kick for Open Studio…we were talking about starting it and I said I would help…and that’s where I came into the art side of WLWC.  I really enjoy co-facilitating Open Studio but also appreciate having the dedicated time to create art for myself.  I am the official time keeper!

One of my favorite WLWC memories was during one of our Open Studios.  There were lots of people there – I mean we were packed!  We had mothers with daughters and with their friends.  Not every one knew each other.  A friend of mine who was there looked at me and nodded her head at everyone who was there…as if to say, “This is all-right!” And I was a part of making it happen.