Joyce Wagner

Joyce’s Story

I was in an art opening and ran into Elmer Lucille.  She said,  “I know of something you’d really like!”  She told me when the first meeting was, and I thought well, okay, if she thinks I would like it, I should go.  I just put one foot in front of the other, because I was a little scared – I didn’t know any of them.

It was such a great match!  The authenticity just felt…they are very grounded, solid women.  Easy.  And Ramona’s vision!  And energy!  It’s been such a great process getting to know amazing women.  I learn something every time I’m here around you all.  It’s safe.  Playing in the dirt is one place I feel most connected.  And I love talking about WLWC. Carrying our little cards around and talking about how the bad rep the west end can sometimes have is so wrong.

We are just the earth. One thing builds on another.  It’s definitely a collaborative process.