The West Louisville Women’s Collaborative invites those with sewing skills to join us in our
Mask Collaborative 360 Challenge!

To help eliminate barriers to accessing masks for personal use, we’re setting a goal to make 360 masks in 2 weeks to donate to our neighbors in need.

Why 360 Masks?
Well, there are 360 degrees in a circle and we really love circles and what they symbolize: wholeness, protection, inclusion.

Pledge Your Masks Here By June 6


Here’s How It Works:

Step 1.  Determine IF you can sew some masks (10 minimum).  

Do you have a sewing machine?  Can you follow a pattern with instructions? Have you sewn masks or other intermediate level projects before?  Do you have the time to commit (approx 20 min-1 hour per mask)?

If you answered YES to all of these questions–SEW WITH US!

Here are a couple instructional videos featuring the style of mask we’re making.
Video 1 From JoAnn Fabric:  *This pattern calls for lightweight fusible interfacing, which we are not using due to difficulty finding it.  Feel free to use it if you have it!
Video 2 From Deaconess Hospital:  *No interfacing required.

Step 2.  Complete the form we’ve provided below (click “READY TO PLEDGE”) to pledge the number of masks you can realistically make in a two week period of time.

NOTE:  For the number of masks you pledge, we supply the following materials needed (if you need them):

    • preferred pattern & instructions
    • pre-cut fabric (according to pattern)
    • pre-cut elastic (according to pattern)

Sorry, we cannot supply sewing machines, thread, needles, etc.  But we wish we could!

Step 3.  If requested on the form, YOU pick up your materials at OUR location (ELA House, 3835 Hale Ave) at a time you choose (we provide options).

Step 4.  Pick up your materials at the time you selected.  Don’t worry–we’ll arrange for contact-less and socially distanced pick ups.

Step 5.  MAKE YOUR MASKS!  & Have fun doing it!

Step 7.  Drop off your completed masks at ELA House at times we designate.

Again, we’ll arrange for contact-less and socially distanced exchanges.

We will wash/dry and package masks with instructions for proper wear and care to donate to our neighbors in need.



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